The OIA (OGA Innovation Award) 2021 recognises and honours companies and individuals at the forefront of innovation. OGA 2021 will serve as a regional platform to spotlight these companies; promoting innovation and ingenuity within the Oil & Gas Service Providers, related industries and academia.

Entry Criteria

  1. Malaysian Small & Medium Enterprise (SME or Start-ups)
  2. Malaysian proprietary technology for the Oil & Gas industry
  3. Minimum maturity of the technology – shall have a prototype (i.e. TRL 4) to pilot
  4. If commercialised, must be less than 5 years in the market
  5. Only open to OGA 2021 Exhibitors
  6. Intellectual Property ownership is a plus

*Top 3 winners (first, second and third place) will be presented with an award comprising of a trophy and certificate.

OGA INNOVATION AWARDS - Oil and Gas Asia 2021