Join us for the 4th edition of the OGSE Innovation Awards hosted by the Malaysian Oil & Energy Services Council (MOGSC) and Malaysia Petroleum Resources Corporation (MPRC), in partnership with Oil & Gas Asia (OGA) and Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE).

This prestigious awards recognises and honours companies and individuals who are leading the way in innovation, sustainability, and zero-carbon initiatives within the oil and gas industry. As a key industry player, this is your opportunity to showcase your innovative solutions to a regional audience, gain exposure to potential customers and investors, and pitch your ideas to key decision-makers. With the added benefit of being held alongside the OGA Exhibition, this event offers a valuable platform to promote your brand and network with industry leaders.



  • Foster innovation and commercialisation culture in OGSE and associated stakeholders

  • Recognises and honours individuals and companies leading the way in innovation and sustainability

  • Encourage adoption of sustainable and zero-carbon initiatives in the oil and gas industry

  • Provide a platform for innovative companies and individuals to showcase solutions and gain exposure to potential customers and investors

  • Stimulate industry growth by promoting adoption of new technologies and innovative practices

  • Foster collaboration between industry players, academia, and research institutions to drive innovation and commercialisation

Who is eligible

  • The company must be a Malaysian owned entity (at least 51%)

  • Malaysian proprietary technology relevant for the oil, gas & energy industry

  • Must have a least a working prototype for demonstration (TRL 4 onwards required to be eligible for the grant)

  • If commercialised, the product must be less than 5 years in the market

  • Intellectual Property Ownership is a plus

Winning participants benefits

  • Stakeholder Interviews and Airtime

  • Featured in Annual Innovation Awards Series for 1-year (until September 2024)

  • Spotlight as OIA 2023 winner, with technology featured to an estimated 25,000 event visitors

  • Eligible for the final pitching session for OGSE Development Grant by MPRC

All applications will be reviewed by the OIA committee to determine the eligibility of participation.

Top 3 Finalists will be fast-tracked to the MPRC-OGSE Development Grant application.

OGSE Development Grant

The OGSE DG is a programme designed by Malaysia Petroleum Resources Corporation (MPRC) under the 12th Malaysia Plan (Rancangan Malaysia Ke-12) to assist and facilitate OGSE SMEs and mid-tier companies to seamlessly move and develop their technology and innovation along the complex stages of the commercialisation process and thereby stepping up their game in the industry.

  • Development Grant Programme Objectives
  • Support OGSE companies in increasing competitiveness
  • Foster new and existing technology development and innovation
  • Create new businesses and generate economic wealth
  • Encourage OGSE companies to capitalise on their intellectual property
  • Stimulate growth and increase capacity of technology-based enterprises

Don’t miss out on this chance to be recognised as a leading innovator in the oil and gas industry.

Submit your entry now and join us at the 4th edition of the OGSE Innovation Awards.

OGA 2022 OGSE Inovation Awards


ProEight Sdn Bhd

1st Runner Up

TNF Energy Sdn Bhd

2nd Runner Up

EXS Synergy Sdn Bhd


Octrex Holdings (M)
Sdn Bhd


RL Protec Sdn Bhd