OGA Innovation Awards

The inaugural OIA (OGA Innovation Award) 2019 will be held to recognise and honour local companies and individuals who are at the forefront of homegrown innovation in conjunction with OGA 2019. We invite you to be the participants in this inaugural technology spotlight event which intended to elevate and celebrate Malaysia innovation in Oil & Gas Industry.


The objective of OIA2019 is to promote innovation within the Oil & Gas Service Providers and related industries and academia. The event is to mainly spotlight the SMEs and to recognise Malaysian homegrown innovation.



1. To spur the innovation and commercialization culture among local Oil & Gas services and equipment providers and the associated stakeholders

2. To recognise the companies, academia and individuals who are at the forefront of innovation to produce products and services that is novel in nature

3. To give the opportunity to the finalists to pitch their innovation to potential users / investors / buyers

4. To foster collaboration between academia and industry to promote innovation for commercialization and further development

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