10th November 2021
Oil & Gas Asia Merges with Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Exhibition & Conference in September 2022 The Asian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition, Oil & Gas Asia (OGA), that was to be held from 7 to 9 December 2021, will now be rescheduled and merged with Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Exhibition and Conference (MOGSEC)…Read More
16th June 2022

Malaysian Petrochemicals Association Announces 1st Petrochemical Sustainability Conference The Petrochemical Sustainability Conference (PSC) scheduled on September 13 and 14 will gather over 50 thought leaders and over 500 delegates from Malaysia and the region in Kuala Lumpur…Read More

21st July 2022

Announced here today, OGA x MOGSEC and PSC 2022 is an all-inclusive event championed by three parties: The Malaysian Oil, Gas & Energy Services Council (MOGSC), Malaysian Petrochemicals Association (MPA) and Informa Markets Malaysia. The narrative put out by this strategic alliance will further reinforce Malaysia as the region’s Oil, Gas, Energy, and Petrochemicals hub…Read More